Sound Electra Mylodica Alto


Make: Sound Electra
Model name: Mylodica Alto
Reed type: Multi reed plates
Dimensions: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Keys: 37
Country of manufacture: Unknown
Player level: Intermediate
Features: Wood body
Year of manufacture: Unknown

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7 Reviews

  1. Daren Banarsë

    Daren Banarsë

    Pros:rnUses the keyboard and insides of the Angel Melodyhorn 37.rnrnVery comfortable, playable keyboard, and a loud characterful tone.rnrnThe handmade wooden casing means it looks very stylish and is taken seriously by other musicians.rnrnCons:rnIt can be difficult to remove the melodica from the wooden casing for tuning.rnrnThe wood can be prone to warping with excess playingrnrnThe reeds can go out of tune quicker than other melodicasrnrnHigh price

  2. Melodica-Me

    I purchased a Mylodica a while back and the things that seam to disappoint me is that I can only use it for a short while before I have to shake it around to try to get the moisture out or it starts to gargle a bit. As for the quality I can only say that it looks better than it performs :( . The one thing I do like is that I can bend notes easy on it. I personally would not buy a used Mylodica if it shows signs of wear, just my opinion. Sorry guys

  3. lovmymelodica

    I purchased my Mylodica in 2012 and love it. The wooden case really seems to add a nice tone to the music I play. I haven't had any problems with the moisture, i also shake it around a bit once in a while to get rid of any excess. Keys are very responsive, weighs about 3 1.2 pounds so not too heavy for me. Bought it as a place called, pretty good site, lots of info on melodicas.

  4. HonkBox

    I have had this melodica for about 3 years. I like the sound, it doesn't sound as reedy--I think it has to do with the wood casing.rnrnKey action always seems sticky when I first begin to play it. In fact, I always depress all the keys several times before playing now. rnrnI do not like the fact that it does not have a moisture release valve. I do not like how heavy it feels after playing for more than 15 minutes. Also, the handstrap underneath the instrument is uncomfortable.rnrnJust this last winter, the body cracked on an end piece. It doesn't effect the playability, but the repair (Gorilla Glue) is noticeably apparent.rnrnIt is an interesting looking instrument that has a different sound than my Hohner Performer, but not really special enough to be worth the price I paid for it.

  5. arcane

    I purchased the Alto Mylodica in January 14 after watching a you tube video of Peter Jones playing the Soprano model, pretty amazing. The sound is awesome, i'm sure due to the wooded case. rnKey action is good, very responsivernThere is no moisture release valve but haven't really missed it, i store mine mouthpiece side down when not playing.rnBesides the great performance, people love the look, which is fun.rnOnly down side is its a little on the expensive side, but worth it to me.

  6. singsong

    I have had the Mylodica for a few years now and really enjoy playing it. The sound is really cool.rnIn the past I played the Hammond 44 and really liked the built in mic. Wish the Mylodica had that feature but I did buy a pickup and it works pretty well. rnI would recommend this one!

  7. Mikey Jupiter

    I play a few melodicas, and i was tempted by the claims that the Mylodica has a warmer richer sound, and bought one. Should have read the forums first :-(rnrn it also says on the website that it has the best key action, strong reeds, wider dynamic range and more resonant sound. This is simply not true. It is one of the very cheapest melodicas stuffed into a basic wooden case. It doesn't even have a spit hole!rnrnAlso, the keys get very stiff in-between plays, and it goes out of tune very quickly. rnrn