• Interesting once again. Hopefully I’ll make a decision soon. Thank you all once again for all your points and responses!!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions guys. If there’s anything else I don’t know about either of them please tell me. I’m still deciding…

  • Thanks Melodica-Me. The whole microphone thing bugs me too. I just wish I knew people who owned these instrumemts. I’m still deciding. The Yamaha sounds Irish-y, rich, and happy. The Suzuki sounds a bit darker, clearer, but a bit more funky to me (from what I can get from recordings online). Hopefully I’ll make a decision. I also like the black…[Read more]

  • Interesting, I don’t hear the harsh/edgy sound in the video above, but both instruments obviously will sound different in person. I’m thinking. The Yamaha is just accordion-y as I said before, I should keep listening to sound clips online and then make my decision.

  • Well, I’d like to own only one melodica. I mean, the Yamaha does seem a bit richer, but it also seems a little too accordion-y for my tastes. I also love the gig bag the Suzuki comes in, but that isn’t really a deal maker for me. Why do you think the Yamaha is safer? I just love how clear the Suzuki is, but I’m brand new to melodicas so there…[Read more]

  • I’m in the same boat as Davide. I want to get a professional melodica and want to play Irish jigs, as well as funky and jazz music. I’m thinking the Suzuki will do it for me since it is a bit clearer, but it does seem a slight bit muted from the recording. But the Yamaha sounds a bit accordion-y and a little too Irish-y. I really do love both,…[Read more]