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    @melodica-me Hiya! I’m new to this forum and the reason I joined is that I need a little help with a project. I’ll start by saying that I’m reasonably adept at technical stuff like tuning harmonicas & Melodicas but I’ve just acquired a ’62 Professional 36 that needs attention. One of the reeds has been “repaired” by an unknown party back in the sixties, the company name would have been something like “Bodgitt & Leggit” I imagine, and to cut a long story short I need a “G4” reed including the reed slot block. Any ideas?

    All would be very clear if I knew how to post a photo up here.
    Many Thanks,


    • Hello NN, unfortunately I do not have any extra reeds for the Professional 36 at this time. I actually just sold one pro 36 that was to be used for parts to another Melodica player that was in desperate need of some reeds and a body. (He dropped his). They come around a few times a year. If you only need the reeds, I would look for another one on eBay and not worry about looks, unless you want to cleans yours up. You can always go to an accordion repair shop and have him try to match one or replace the reed on the original reed plate. What part of the world are you in.

      • Hi Melodica-Me,
        Call me Niven (it’s my given name). Thanks so much for your prompt reply and in answer to your question I am in the UK. Thank for your advice, I already planned to try to acquire a junk specimen in order to have a reservoir of spare parts. The instrument I have is in fantastic condition but one of the reeds was replaced in its early history and the job was done very badly using poor materials. the reed slot was replaced with an over sized one and the ends have been sawed off to make it fit. The reed itself is 4mm longer than the longest reed in the whole bank. The reed is made of mild steel instead of stainless steel and consequently very badly corroded and I could continue to list issues with this one incongruous reed. To give you a clearer idea of how badly this “repair” was done suffice it to say that the reed was tuned one whole semitone flat being F# instead of G.

        I think you’ll agree that the instrument is in great condition if you look at this link, check out the photographs at the bottom of this page.