• Mike Tedesco posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    @abrinton Hi Alan. I’m new to the Melodica World and am very excited to dive right in. I’m currently in the process of struggling to figure out which melodica I’d like to purchase. Based on your comments that I’ve read, I believe a 32-key melodica would be the best bet for me at the moment. I figure I’ll upgrade to a 37 soon enough. Anyways, after much research, I’m stuck between a yamaha and Suzuki model. BUT, I was actually wondering if you could tell me what brand this melodica is that Jon Batiste is playing in this video. I know he’s a pro so he’ll make anything sound good, but I thoroughly love the sound of this 32 model and am dying to know who made it. Any idea? Here’s the link to the video:
    Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!

    • Hi Mike, I just read your post, and although I’m not Alan I thought I’d give it a try: the melodica in the Video seems to be a Hohner Student 32 played without a mouthpiece. Greetings, Quetscher

      • Beat me to it, Quetscher! Definitely a Hohner, and I agree it’s the Student 32.

        • It’s the older Student 32, rounded at the end more than the current model.

          • @andy @abrinton Thank you both for getting back to me! Really appreciate it. I see now that it is definitely the Hohner Student 32. Alan, I know in your posts you had suggested to either go with a Yamaha or Suzuki…but would going for this Hohner really be a bad choice? Thoughts from you Quetscher? Thank you both again!

            • No, I don’t think it would be a bad choice. In any case, it’s not major life decision! By the way, I’m pretty sure the Student 32 and the Instructor 32 are exactly the same, and you may get one if you order the other.

            • I’ve got two 32 keys melodicas and one of them is the Hohner Fire which is a special edition of the Student 32; there is nothing wrong with it although in my opinion it doesn’t sound as characterful as the Suzukis or the Yamahas – but that’s just my personal choice…

    • @abrinton @andy Thank you both for your feedback. I ended up going with the Hohner Instructor 32. Received it in the mail yesterday and haven’t stopped playing it. Really looking forward to learning my way around this thing. Thanks again for all the help!!