• MARK Issadore posted an update 2 years ago

    Several years ago I purchased a Mylodica
    I was very pleased for a while.
    The key started to click when first played and notes were out of tune..
    Sound Electra did offer to replace the insides for $150 plus shipping.
    I opted to buy a yamaha p37d which I am delighted with.
    I als o
    have Suzuki m32 and m37c
    The Mlodica is unplayable .
    I got rid of the insides and saved the wood shell
    At this point I do not know if it is worth it to buy an Angel Melodica on my own, take off the cover and put it in the shell
    I am afraid that I will run into the same problems.
    The folks at said only the Angel will fit.
    I do not want to throw away money on a lost cause.
    Any thoughts

    • I have the soprano Mylodica, Mark, which has a soprano Suzuki inside it, as the alto has an angel. The most conspicious problem with the Mylodicas is that they have no moisture release valve and no place for moisture to exit. The Angel behind the curtain has had its end sealed off. To replace it, you’d have to do one of two things: (a) Seal off the end of the new Angel, which would take you back to square 1; or (2) modify the wooden box to accommodate the Angel’s spit valve apparatus, which would be a challenge, depending on your skills. I don’t think I could do it; but if I were to try, I’d replace the Suzuki Soprano in mine with an alto, preferably an M-32C or a Yamaha P-32. You might try taking your M-37 out of its metal tray and seeing what the situation looks like if you can slide that into the Mylodica shell.

      I would appreciate hearing back if you figure something out.

      • Hi
        For now I am going to enjoy my keyboards, accordions and the 3 Melodicas that are working
        and sound great,
        I was blessed with good looks but have no mechanical ability,
        For $320 I could have had 3 m37s or 3 m32s or 3 p37ds
        Oh well live and learn

        • I think Alan is on the right track. If you like the sound of the wood shell, you should fit a 32 key into it. and the spit valve on the end like the good suzuki could be adapted.