• MARK Issadore posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Are the Hohner piano26 and 27 the same quality?
    Are the keys quiet or noisy when pressed and released?
    Are either of these. as good quality and sound wise as the Suzuki s32c melodica?
    So I have been asking some sellers various questions about the Hohner 26/27 they have for sale.
    Some do not even have the courtesy to return my emails.
    At least some of them do,even if they can’t answer my questions

    • The original Piano 26 and 27 are of exactly the same build quality, Mark. They differ almost exclusively in their range of keys. Some prefer the tone of one or the other. I have heard it said that the tone of the 27 is a bit darker. I personally favor the 26, but it’s really a tossup. I have never been distracted by their level of key noise. It’s just not something I notice one way or the other.

      The Suzuki M-32C is a completely different animal. Like all the metal tray Suzukis, it is of excellent build quality, a heavier and more expensive instrument, with a very different sound. I don’t think the question of whether it sounds better or worse than the old Hohner pianos is meaningful. It’s almost like asking how the sound of a Hammond 44 Melodion compares with that of a Magic Fluke ukulele.

      The bottom line is that the old Hohner Pianos 26 and 27 have a very distinctive sound and it’s well worth owning either or both. You may be overthinking this a bit.

      Sellers of melodicas on eBay almost never know diddly-poop about melodicas. Most can’t even figure out whether all the notes pay reliably, never mind whether the instrument is air tight. They are greedy capitalists, not musical instrument connoisseurs.

      • I want to say “play,” not “pay”!

        Listen to Tor’s rendition of “Roland Alphonso,” Mark, if you haven’t already. There is the incomparable sound of the old Hohner Piano 26. If that doesn’t make you want to grab one as soon as possible, I don’t know what would.

        – (@) August 24, 2019