• @melodica-me Hiya! I’m new to this forum and the reason I joined is that I need a little help with a project. I’ll start by saying that I’m reasonably adept at technical stuff like tuning harmonicas & Melodicas but I’ve just acquired a ’62 Professional 36 that needs attention. One of the reeds has been “repaired” by an unknown party back in…[Read more]

    • Hello NN, unfortunately I do not have any extra reeds for the Professional 36 at this time. I actually just sold one pro 36 that was to be used for parts to another Melodica player that was in desperate need of some reeds and a body. (He dropped his). They come around a few times a year. If you only need the reeds, I would look for another one on…[Read more]

      • Hi Melodica-Me,
        Call me Niven (it’s my given name). Thanks so much for your prompt reply and in answer to your question I am in the UK. Thank for your advice, I already planned to try to acquire a junk specimen in order to have a reservoir of spare parts. The instrument I have is in fantastic condition but one of the reeds was replaced in its…[Read more]

  • @melodica-me Thank-you SO much, it’s nice to be amongst melodica friends after a rough day of accordion repair shops telling me that they cannot help. I wonder if a harmonica or harmonium reed could be a good substitute? Since it has a voice most similar to a harmonica this might make sense, but the size/shape might be all wrong. Anyway, thanks…[Read more]

  • @melodica-me I’d value your input, I see that you have dealt with Claviettas extensively in the past. Where to turn in search of a replacement reed? Might you have parts from an earlier project?

  • Thanks to you all for your comments on the Clavietta Labourdette which delighted me very much! This is a highly interesting instrument and I really hope that one day it may be produced properly. I’m in touch with an accordion maker but I will have to do a lot of persuading as he is not convinced of the necessity of a bending mechanism – he cla…[Read more]

  • To keep things on topic:


    Your simple trick works! No problem with the H36 PRO anymore. Just let it rest upside down (I use my saxophone stand as I have no melodica stand). The high D doesn’t clog up anymore…

    Thanks a lot!