Luis melodion



Luis melodion

When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?

I play twinkle twinkle little star, it's something rigth?

What musical genres are you interested in?

I have no musical prejudices, I can play from pop music to folkloric music from my country and other ethnic groups, I even try to introduce the melodica in my country into the academic music, to end that stigma that the instrument possessed.

What is your musical background?

I started playing the piano when I was 12 years old, after that I started playing ethnic instruments. I am currently studying a degree in composition in Mexico.


What melodicas do you play?


Hammond S-27H/ Hammond 44HYPER

Suzuki Andes 25/Suzuki Andes 25-F

Hohner Electra

Hohner Airboard Aztec Pattern 37

Hohner Superforce 37/Hohner Supreme

Hohner blue alto student 32


Hohner Basso 24

Hohner Red/Green/Gray/Orange

Hohner Clarina 12/Clarina 8

Hohner Melodica 26/Melodica27

Hohner piano 26/ piano 27 (Classical vintage mouthpiece)

Hohner piano 26/ piano 27

Hohner Cassoto 26/Cassotto 27

Hohner piano 32/Hohner Jubilee Piano32

Melodion B24

Melodion M37

Melodion PRO37


Melodion Suzuki M 36 (Blue/Black/Brown)

Melodión Suzuki A-27/ A-32

Melodion S-25/S-25 (Rectangular vintage model)

Melodion M-25

Melodion Study 25

Melodion S25 (red)/ A25 (Green study)

Melodion School 26

Melodion School 34

Melodion M32

Melodion M34

Melodion 25C

Melodion A-32

Melodion M-34

Super Melodion 34

Melodion S-27A-27/M36 (1963-1975)

Tokai Pianica PC-1

Tokai Pianica P-32

Tokai Pianix

Pianica 22

Pianica 22 (Orange with Handle)

Pianica P-25B

Pianica P-32A

Pianica P-32B

Pianica P-32C

Pianica P-34C

Pianica P36

Pianica P-37C

Tombo HP27 / Tombo HP23 (2)

ZEN On Piany P37O Master

MelodiHorn Seung Chang 37



Anything to add?

The melodica is a beautiful, complicated, incredible and fascinating instrument that deserves respect. It’s not like the world looks at it sometimes, it’s an instrument, not a toy.