Luis melodion



Luis melodion

When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?

I play twinkle twinkle little star, it's something no?

What musical genres are you interested in?

I have no musical prejudices, I can play from pop music to folkloric music from my country and other ethnic groups, I even try to introduce the melodica in my country into the academic music, to end that stigma that the instrument possessed.

What is your musical background?

I started playing the piano when I was 12 years old, after that I started playing ethnic instruments like kalimba, didgeridoo, jew’s harp, djembe, darbuka, udu, mvet, washboard, others like theremin, spoons, ocarina, dan bau, glockenspiel and course the melodicas. I am currently studying a degree in composition in Mexico and I am a collector of world sounds.

What melodicas do you play?

Hohner Airboard Aztec Pattern 37

Hohner blue alto student 32

Hohner soprano (green)

Hohner alto (red)

Hohner student (gray)

Hohner 26

hohner 27

Melodión Suzuki soprano 26

Melodión Suzuki A-27

Melodion S-25

Pianica P-25

Tombo HP27

Hansser 32



Anything to add?

The melodica is a beautiful, complicated, incredible and fascinating instrument that deserves respect. It’s not like the world looks at it sometimes, it’s an instrument, not a toy.