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  • Earwigs are also a sign of healthy ground. Not in your melodica either, I hope!

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    That’s him. Thanks!

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    I went to see Madeleine Peyroux this evening and what, do I see on the keyboard player’s rack? A melodica! I was too far away to identify it, but there it was. He played with a long tube and played electric piano/organ at the same time.
    I heard people asking what that thing was while on the way out.

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    Thanks, Paul. I’ll start looking – and playing!

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    I recently purchased a Suzuki M 36 melodion. Is there such a thing as an Owner’s Manual? Or a tutorial?

    • Jim, welcome. There is some historical training literature be Hohner. This is available from time to time on Ebay. Otherwise almost any ez play book that provides melody would be useful. That, and an understanding of reading music, will complete your training desires. Best of luck!

    • Hi, Jim.

      Some of the old Suzukis and Yamahas were accompanied by a brochure with very minimal instructions for playing, nothing of much value. There is far more information and discussion about playing the melodica on this site than you are likely to find anywhere else, in addition to the Lessons to which you see a link at the top of the Melodica…[Read more]

  • Of course you’re correct, Melodica-Me, The springs made on the jig I posted are used to raise the button after it has been depressed. One end of the spring is ‘stuck’ in the wood of what I think is called the action plate, which is where all the rods that are connected to buttons are anchored. The other spring end (the end with the horseshoe bent…[Read more]

  • This video shows making springs for an entirely different instrument (a concertina), but no expenditure required.

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