• Paul Durham posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Had a make offer accepted for an S32 Hohner represented as made in germany. The melodica has never been played and got it for just $29 delivered. That’s just too good to pass up.

    • I’d be surprised if this Melodica was actually made in Germany, Paul. If so, that will be indicated on the instrument. A seller may be thinking that the fact that it was made by a German company means it was made in Germany. Let us know about the markings on the Melodica when you get it. I’m pretty sure that all Hohner Melodicas manufactured since 2011 have been made in China.

      • Yes, I am prepared for that possibility. Has the look of a more current Hohner and the same black canvas carrying case. Still I’ve been sorry I chose to give away my Instructor and if this proves to be never played I think that $29 is still a good deal.

    • And as expected there are no marks. It is clearly a current model. But I am happy to have it.

    • Hi, alan. A few spare minutes to add to our exchange. I’m very happy with the S32 though it is not German. To me it has a slighly sweeter tone. And it is very easy on the lungs. chords clear and in tune. As to wondering about the quality of reeds don’t really see that claims of better reeds in the 32B were really valid — as you affirmed some time ago, Regards, Paul