• Paul Durham posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Just got the hurricane harps 37M and it has wonderful tone, quality keys and seems like alot of melodica for $28. The only disappointment is a hard to blow high C. Overall, the responsiveness isn’t a match for either the Hohner Performer or My Yamaha 37 but I wouldn’t really expect that at this price. And also, while doing some web searching I was surprised to find that repair parts are available for Melody Man brand which I picked up in the 32 key model a few weeks back. That seems to reinforce the idea that thet are indeed assembled here in the U.S..

    The Hurricane Harps is labeled on the bottom as made in china. But the sound slots don’t resemble any of my other melodicas.

    • I’ve been playing my new melodica trying to work in the C (TWO OCTAVES ABOVE MIDDLE C) and I noticed some writing on the tube mouthpiece. Though i am pretty near sighted I managed to make out MELODEON. Since that is a trade name I looked at the trumpet mouthpiece and sure enough it seems to match suzuki trumpet mouthpieces. Makes me suspect this may come from the same factory as plastic suzukis????

    • Discovered after a little more searching that in the international market there is a model MX37 Suzuki melodion and there is a small difference in shape and sound vents but all in all very similar