• Gary Oblock posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    I’m brand new to the melodica (Suzuki M37) what would you recommend my next steps should be in “mastery” of this instrument. A little background I play the ukulele and in the past I have played the recorder and transverse flute.

    • Welcome to our midst, Gary! Others can give better advice on this than I can, but three things I suggest (which you may already be doing) are:

      1. Check under Lessons for Daren’s “Ten ways to be a pro melodica player.”

      2. Listen to recordings in the “Members’ melodica recordings” forum. Anybody who plays the “ook” understands the value of that. We have some terrific players here.

      3. Spend time in the “Melodica technique” forum, where there’s a wealth of information about technique.


    • Hi Gary. Well done on picking the melodica, and even better – discovering this website. It’s a fantastic resource, and the people here are so encouraging – they are really mad about melodica! Welcome to a wonderful world.

      • Thanks, I’m trying my hand at some simple pieces in F major. I’ve only looked at one on-line video on how to play scales on a piano. I figure playing the melodia is as close to playing the right hand on a piano as anything else so piano right hand techniques should apply.