• Frances Demoretcky posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    I was wondering if anyone has play a Melodica Men melodica or has any thoughts about it.

    • It looks like one of the many “generic” models that, as Paul says, are made in China. Some such models are marketed with misleading advertising at inflated prices. The Melodica Men are clearly on a mission to popularize the instrument. They could easily have slapped a $100 price on their 37 key model but have priced it at a very reasonable $49.99. I wouldn’t expect it to be comparable in quality to the Yamaha and Suzuki 37 key models. So I’m not interested in getting one to make comparisons. But I’d be confident that it’s a perfectly serviceable melodica that will perform well and that it’s worth the money, especially for a beginner. I’ll bet it’s as good as a Hohner Performer 37.

      • Thank you, Alan, I appreciate your feedback. I’m pretty happy with my Yamaha P37D, but I’m always curious when something new comes along. It seemed unlikely it would be something special for $50 and your reasoning confirmed my feeling.