• Frances Demoretcky posted an update 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    I made a video. You can hear it at I wanted to re-imagine Renaissance music, so a friend if mine–Arlin Geyer–and I made this video. I’m playing a Yamaha P32-D melodica with two piezo pickups installed inside, playing through a MS50-G ZOOM guitar pedal. The music is Doulce Memoire by Pierre Sandrin (1490-1561) and Recercada Quarta by Diego Ortiz (1553). I put it together on muse-score and added a drum track. My friend, and fellow melodica player, Barbara Weiss, orchestrated the sounds on the backing track.

    • How nice! Thank you, Frances. It’s surprising that we don’t see/hear melodica performances of Renaissance music, for which the instrument is so well suited.

    • Nice work Frances, I like the use of synthesizer and your effects pedals. I am a true believer that all sounds can work with one another if they are placed in the proper layer. If Mozart would have had a Moog synthesizer he would have written a part for it. (Zavan 1977).