• Eric Siegel posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hello, all: I just came back from a week at Brazil Camp in Cazadero CA, which was amazing. Hermeto Pascoal, Jovino Santos Neto were two of featured teachers. Anyway, there were several keyboard players there, and some of us brought melodicas, ranging from cheepish hohners to spendy suzuky/hammond 44. We were talking about the challenge of transferring keyboard technique to the melodica, and I started to wonder. Has anyone made–or would anyone be willing to discuss–a melodica with the same keybed as an accordion, and maybe even two reeds like an accordion. To keep weight and size manageable there are a number of potential compromises, like maybe it needs to be played with a flexible hose mouthpiece, or needs a shorter keybed. I think there would be a lot of interest in this kind of keyboard from keyboard players. If anyone has any leads to this or ideas for who might be willing to design a prototype, please contact me at Thanks in advance!

    • I’m sure you didn’t mean any harm when you termed the Hohner “CHEEPISH” but as a very loyal Hohner buyer I’d like to insert a note of praise. All the economical melodicas have their place. Any starter instrument that captures a player with the passion for melodica is great! I hope we aren’t discouraging anyone by sounding like elitist who only regard Yamaha and Suzuki offerings as serious.