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  • Ah! thanks Alan for clearing that up! “Penguin Body” seems to be a pretty apt term to use, though! I shall be sticking to that for now.

    Looking forward to learn more as I go along.


  • Hi, I’m new to the Melodica/Pianica world. I haven’t been able to find much information on my Pianica online but I gather it is at least semi-vintage.

    As I don’t have a lot of technical expertise, I’ll let the photos do the talking. I haven’t taken it apart yet and currently don’t have any plans to do so for fear of breaking it or not being able…[Read more]

  • Hi guys, I’m new to the Melodica. I’ve always seen it in the aisle one of the Japanese bookstore chains in my country (Malaysia) –
    Pink Yamaha P-32Ds and have heard of them being used as a music education tool in some elementary schools here, but the price always put me off from taking the plunge.

    I’ve recently acquired a Yamaha P-32C and…[Read more]

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