• Bruno posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Bohema Made in Czech, the “New” old kid on the block !!

    I want to share a video comparing the Bohema Made in Czech with Borel Le Clavietta, Hohner Professional 36 and Yamaha P37D Wood case.

    Bohema has indivuales reeds.
    The structure and interior of the keys is wood, weighs almost twice as Hohner Professional 36, is a real tank !!

    The timbre is intermediate between the Hohner Professional 36 and the Clavietta.

    I must say that the response of the keyboard is far superior than the other three melodic compared. At the level of the Suzuki, this is incredible for an vintage melodica ! The width and the system keys is really good.

    Soon photos !!

    • Bruno, great comparison video. I like the tone of the Bohema, very full and rich. I know for some, the weight is a bother but for me it really is not, as for it being a tank Hmm lets just say I see a Cadiliac. Also I have to say that the Yamaha sounds great in the wooden enclosure, being the only one that does not have individual reeds, I am impressed. I do not own a Yamaha P37D but I think after hearing your comparison, I will buy one soon. Great work on the video Bruno Thanks for sharing.