• Bruno posted an update 1 week ago

    • I like the strap buttons and neck strap ring. I like the beefy screw-on water valve cover. The top strap button, as shown in use in the brochure, looks like it could pull out of a conventional guitar strap eyelet, though you can buy locking straps. Most intriguing is what appears to be a sound outlet or sound bell at the bottom. Is that where all the sound come out? Like a trumpet? If so, there would be opportunity to modulate the sound with your hand. That could be very cool. I do wonder if they changed/improved the sound over the last version. When I bought one of these about three years ago, the sound was super bright and raspy. I thought I was in the middle of a marching band, so I returned it as I like my melodicas a bit more mellow. Lowboy

    • I should add that Suzukis are my second favorite brand of melodicas. I love my my Suzuki S-32c soprano. Only dogs can hear the highest notes and they sound smooth. A really nice soprano.

      I also like my Suzuki A-34c. The lowest note is G and the range seems to be in the sweet spot for many playing situations. The 34-note range is wide too. I never run out of notes. It is hard getting use to G being the bottom note and E being the top note. However it works well for me in the keys of G, A, C, D and E. I like the clear tone of this instrument. Lowboy