When did you start playing melodica?


What is your playing level?

Quite good

What musical genres are you interested in?

Classical music
Anything else

What is your musical background?

I studied jazz singing and worked as actor and singer.
Nowadays I work as composer, arranger and musical leader for several theatres in germany
No bands

What melodicas do you play?

Clavietta Labourdette (my new favourite Instrument)

I also play or played:

Vibrandoneon VB600 Mk II
Hohner Piano 36
Hohner Basso
MyLodica Alto
Angel Melodyhorn 32
Hammond Melodion 44
Suzuki Andes

KHW Bandmaster

Suzuki Pro-37 V.2


Anything to add?

Melodicaworld helps me refine my technique and search for the perfect melodica.

For me the melodica is not a toy at all but a serious instrument that requires research and practice.