• Alex posted an update 11 months ago

    @abrinton Hi Alan! I became a member in hopes that you could help me out with a 8 year long dilemma. I came across a discarded Yamaha Pianica 36 in the trash. Years of Google-ing only made me realize no one really seems to know anything about them (on the internet at least) and you seem to be the go-to person. Throughout the years I’ve asked many people about it, and how to acquire a mouthpiece for it, and was always met with the same response: “best to just get a new one.” I’ve always loved it and it’s always kept a prominent place in my apartment, and my guests always seem to gravitate towards it asking what it is, attempting to play it, and asking to hear the story of how I came to find it. Could you lend a hand to a complete novice?

    • Hello, Alex. In the first place, the Pianica 36 is a relatively rare and distinctive model for which no “new one” will serve as a replacement. It is a collector’s piece, and a good playing instrument, depending on the condition. So don’t listen to those people! It was marketed from mid-late 1960s though 1979. Until 1970, it appeared as the Pianica 36, and after that as the Pianica P-36, though the instrument remained essentially the same throughout its long run. The original mouthpiece arrangement was not very good. The metal mouthpiece receptacle has or originally had a rubber ring over and extending slightly from the end, and the mouthpiece is inserted through the ring. This does not make for a very secure fit.

      The good news is that the mouthpiece for a new Yamaha Pianica will work. It is a bit of a tight fit and looks a bit new and shiny in comparison, but it has a similar shape to the original. If you contact me through the email address in my profile, I’ll help you find one. You can view some of my detailed Pianica 36 photos at my place, the Melodica Annex.