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  • Tommaso Lamacchia - "Hi all, glad to be here! I am a guitarist and I have discovered this wonderful instrument. So I have bought a Yamaha p25, very nice to start, but only 25 keys, so I have ordered a Suzuki m32c. I like the brass […]"View
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  • Jim R - "I just saw this on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Pretty good, I’d say."View
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    Alan Brinton - "@satdive Many of us here tune and do some repairs on our own melodicas, Neill. The reed for the key that’s not playing could have failed, or it could be stuck or need re-gapping. You should be able to tell by […]"View
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    Melodica-Me - "The Monsters have been busy kicking it this summer and are ready to get back in the studio and pump out some new You Tube Videos. We will be working on our 10th Monsters of Melodica video and our fifth World […]"View
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    Daren Banarsë - "I love my melodica ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"View
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    Jerry Ballard - "As always, it’s the archer, not the arrow…"View
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  • Paul Durham - "Big score today! Completing my HM serties with the 32 key model. Looks to be in fabulous condition and batter yet has guaranteed delivery this week!"View
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  • MARK Issadore - "Hi Does any one know for sure if the hohner mouthpiece for the 900 and 901 melodicas will fit the piano 26/ 27 piano melodicas I think the part is MA 25 THANKS"View
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    Nathan de Broize-King - "Hi to all melodica fans! I have completed what I believe to be the first research masters on the melodica, discussing history, anatomy, culture, and most of all various techniques and expressions. These come with […]"View
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