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  • Jim R - "I just saw this on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Pretty good, I’d say."View
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    Jerry Ballard - "Here’s a link to a nice batch of photos of the Regina Accordina…"View
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    Alan Brinton - "@satdive Many of us here tune and do some repairs on our own melodicas, Neill. The reed for the key that’s not playing could have failed, or it could be stuck or need re-gapping. You should be able to tell by […]"View
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    Melodica-Me - "Hello Luis, I read that the only noticeable difference was that it was set up with a pair of strap pins similar to the Hammond 44 so you can play the melodica with two hands, where the prior versions did not have […]"View
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    Luis melodion - "Hello, about PRO 37v3. I was born with a curse of being an obsessive collector, I have been lucky enough to acquire the rare model PRO 37, the most recent model PRO 37v2 and I am restless about not having a […]"View
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  • Monalia - "I love my Hohner Superforce Melódica, 37 so much that I bought 3 because I rely on them for gigs, but I have a real problem with their unreliability. Even though I blow air while pressing the button on the […]"View
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  • Tony C - "Hi all been along time I have just got my Yamaha P37D It plays just as you good poeple said it would I have a couple of niggles first all keys need preasure before playing a bit on the stiff side and is it […]"View
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    Frances Demoretcky - "I was wondering if anyone has play a Melodica Men melodica or has any thoughts about it."View
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  • Paul Durham - "Bought an ammoon melodica through a make offer auction on Ebay for $11.50. Been seeing good ratings on this brand. Has anyone here tried one?"View
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    Daren Banarsë - "I love my melodica ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"View
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  • MARK Issadore - "Hi Alan I just purchased the Hohner piano 36 on eBay. It appears to be in good shape. I will let you know how it works out"View
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