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    Alan Brinton - "@satdive Many of us here tune and do some repairs on our own melodicas, Neill. The reed for the key that’s not playing could have failed, or it could be stuck or need re-gapping. You should be able to tell by […]"View
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    Jerry Ballard - "New recording with my Regina and new studio/tools."View
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    FREDERIC - "Hi everyone, I just received a hammond 44 Hyper and I end up with certain note that does not always correctly (at the level of note or note clarity). Sometimes I have to breathe a little harder so that some note […]"View
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    Melodica-Me - "IT’S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR WORLD SESSION IV. Interested in appearing on a Monsters of Melodica Video, sign up before the deadline and we will place you on the list to receive all the information. good luck Monsters […]"View
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  • Tony C - "Hi all been along time I have just got my Yamaha P37D It plays just as you good poeple said it would I have a couple of niggles first all keys need preasure before playing a bit on the stiff side and is it […]"View
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  • Jim R - "I went to see Madeleine Peyroux this evening and what, do I see on the keyboard player’s rack? A melodica! I was too far away to identify it, but there it was. He played with a long tube and played electric […]"View
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    Daren Banarsë - "I love my melodica ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"View
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  • Ngo Minh Tan - "Hello everyone. I don’t know if we have any small type of microphone that can be put inside the melodica and then plug into the amplifier ? I’ve been doing shows for my school for a year and everytime I have to […]"View
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