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    Melodica-Me - "Time for a New Monsters of Melodica Video “World Session II” Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” check it out in our Members Melodica Recording. The Diamante Wind Vox is Featured in this fun Video."View
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    Alan Brinton - "@satdive Many of us here tune and do some repairs on our own melodicas, Neill. The reed for the key that’s not playing could have failed, or it could be stuck or need re-gapping. You should be able to tell by […]"View
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  • Paul Durham - "After some internet searching, I found the Woodnote 32 also by several sellers on They also were using the same visual of the Irin Brand. What was most curious was it was listed as a clearance item. […]"View
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    Quetscher - "Hi Alan, I just had a look on your smugmug site called “melodica annex”. Very informative and interesting! But are you sure that the Monika/Rosetti/Lorenzo melodica are made in italy? At least the Monika is made […]"View
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    Mark Ward - "Thanks to you all for the great information on this site. I read a lot here before making my purchase of the Suzuki M32C."View
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    Daren Banarsë - "Clavietta for sale on Ebay, looks quite nice condition…"View
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  • mudbone - "@hornfanatic Thanks for the reply about the Woodnote, Paul. A few more questions for you, if you don’t mind. Did the Woodnote come more-or-less in tune? Any problems with keys not sounding? I also have the […]"View
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  • Nervous Niven - "@melodica-me Hiya! I’m new to this forum and the reason I joined is that I need a little help with a project. I’ll start by saying that I’m reasonably adept at technical stuff like tuning harmonicas & Melodicas […]"View
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    Bruno - "Bohema Made in Czech, the “New” old kid on the block !! I want to share a video comparing the Bohema Made in Czech with Borel Le Clavietta, Hohner Professional 36 and Yamaha P37D Wood case. Bohema has ind […]"View
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