What 37 keys Melodica should I buy?

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    D Cook, I play klezmer on the melodica. You can play klezmer on pretty much any melodica, depending on the sound you’re looking for. I mainly use the Hammond 44 and Hammond 44 HP for this purpose, as well as a Suzuki Pro37V2 at times.

    In general, I think the “warmer” sounding melodicas like the original Hammond 44 (not the HP) or perhaps something like the Yamaha P37D are “fuller” sounding choices, especially for solo/small group playing,but it really depends on the sound you’re going for and the band you’re playing with. I find the Hammond 44 HP often cuts through better when I play klezmer with my rock/ska/reggae/world fusion project.


    Dee Cook



    Paul Durham

    D,. I have seen the Samick’s a couple of times and they do seem to have many similarities to Angel and Suzuki. I have not heard one as yet. But I would think that one important feature to check for would be the metal back which is common on the higher level Suzuki. I have an M32C that I purchased on Ebay and I enjoy the added sound of the metallic ring.


    Noa Castillo

    Paul, which do you think is better, yahaha or woodnote, in terms of tuning?


    Paul Durham

    Noa, one reason I bought the woodnote was that in pictures it seemed so much like the Yamaha. But side by side the Yamaha is far above the winner in quality. Now, I have no problem with the tuning of my woodnote as yet. But in terms of tone it is much lighter.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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