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    Ngo Minh Tan

    Hi, it’s me again, still struggle finding a 37-keys melodica. So I’ve been searching my local stores and found some. One from Kongsheng(?) which costs only 18$, pretty sure it’s from China. The price is really low( even lower than my P-32D) so I don’t really know if it’s worth buying or not. Another model that I found is a Suzuki MX-37. It costs about 35$ for a new one. Have anyone ever heard about this model ? What is the different between this one and the M-37C from Suzuki ?
    Edit: I’ve also found some from Swan which cost about 20$ for a new one

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    Alan Brinton

    Hello again, Tan. The MX series Suzukis are all plastic, noticeably higher in quality than the cheapest Suzuki plastic models, heavier and more solidly constructed. The M-37C (and M-32C) is heavier yet, with the metal tray. I have an MX-27. The sound of almost all Suzuki melodions is good. $35 for a new MX-37 is a very good price. In my opinion, it will be far superior to a Swan.

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