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    Helen R

    I’ve ordered a Yamaha P32E from Japan, and while I wait for it to arrive, I’ve borrowed a keyboard from a friend to start getting the hang of it. Apart from a few piano lessons as a child, and briefly having an accordion (decades ago), I haven’t had much to do with keyboards. (I’ve played mostly things with strings, though none to an advanced level). I had great fun playing with the keyboard this evening and trying to remember anything I ever did know…
    Anyone else here who has come to the melodica without being competent on a keyboard?
    I am struggling to find keyboard tutorials which focus on what’s relevant to the melodica – i.e. mostly one-handed, how to use some of the restricted chord/harmonising possibilities, how best to do the fingering. I’m wanting to play Irish tunes, so I don’t need to worry about esoteric keys for the moment.
    Anyone know good sources (ideally with video) which are tailored to this?

    Wish I’d kept up those piano lessons!


    Helen R


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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