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    André Sant’Anna

    I found this model being sold here in Brazil. Somebody knows? The sale announcement says it’s an Italian model called “La Sopranina”. It seemed interesting to me.


    André Sant’Anna

    After a search here in the forum, this model is physically similar to that of the Juliett Pianola and the Meazzi Accordietta Gigante, although there is no indication of the manufacturer.

    If “La Sopranina” has the sound similar to Clavietta, as Alan informs on the topic about Juliett Pianola, I am interested in acquiring, since I really like this type of sound and, unfortunately, I still can not get the Borel model.

    However, would the fact that this model be called “La Sopranina” inform that it is a soprano model? I mean, would it sound like an octave higher?


    Alan Brinton

    It looks the same as those other models, Andre. The five bolt heads on the bottom look like the same hexagonal ones found on most of those old Italian models, including the small ones. My guess is that they all, or almost all, have a shared source or sources of reeds and of other parts.

    Despite the name, I’d be shocked if it is a soprano. I am very pleased to see more appearances of this basic 34 key model under different brand names. I think it is the most significant vintage Italian melodica other than the Clavietta. Great find!

    The case looks like it has the same design as the Clavietta’s.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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