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    This is probably a long shot, but I would to ask the community if anyone has any experience purchasing a melodica in Japan? As a friend of mine whom is also travelling to japan, I had attempted getting him to pick up a Suzuki B-24 for me while there. While I have searched the dealer lists and the web, most stores seems to be rather out of the way.

    I would most definitely update here if I have research that I could contribute in anyway.


    Julie C.

    Hi, I bought a Suzuki M32 which I absolutely loved but it went out of tune pretty quick. Before I get a lecture, I do not have time to tune melodica, believe me! I had my brother do it, it took him four hours (he said never again) and it lasted about a week. Pretty bummed. That Suzuki had a great sound, a lot of soul. I have a Yamaha P37, perfectly in tune, no soul. I hardly ever play now. I can’t afford to keep buying Suzuki’s from Japan that go out of tune! So that’s my two cents. Take or leave.

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    I’m planning a trip to Japan too,
    I would like to know a list of melodica dealer in the Tokyo/Kyoto area but I can’t find on the Internet.
    Any japanese melodica lover here??

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