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  • Well it’s time for another Monsters of Melodica video. This time it is a Monster original Latin Jazz composition entitled “Mister Melodica” Enjoy and don’t for get to like and share.

  • Monalia posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    I love my Hohner Superforce Melódica, 37 so much that I bought 3 because I rely on them for gigs, but I have a real problem with their unreliability. Even though I blow air while pressing the button on the bottom as instructed after each use, I have a problem with sticky notes, usually the notes I use the most. Perhaps it’s my unique saliva th…[Read more]

    • Hi, Monalia.

      The stickiness probably is not due to your unique saliva, since the moisture that collects inside the melodica is from condensation (unless you are noticeably drooling down into it while playing). I suggest rinsing the melodica out occasionally, for example a few days before a gig so it has time to fully dry out. Search “melodica b…[Read more]

    • But I’m telling you, all my new melodicas stick, the last 2 being literally fresh out of the box. I do drool a lot which is a problem when I sing too. I’m convinced it’s my drool that causing this, but have no idea how to prevent it.

      It somehow doesn’t make sense to wash a melodica that I only only bought last month.

      • Okay, Monalia. I suggest that you play your melodicas at an upward angle. You can do this either by directly angling the melodica up or by using a tube, maybe a shortened tube. But maybe someone else has another suggestion. I doubt that there’s any chemical solution.

        • It’s a weird thing. I play upright and into a mike set up next to my keyboard stand. (I have another vocal mike set up directly in front of me. I play standing up and mostly dancing. I play the melidica upright into its own mike. What’s weird is that in both new melodicas it’s the same 4 notes that are prone to sticking; middle C and the chrom…[Read more]

          • This is puzzling. I wonder if you’d be having this problem with a Yamaha P37D Pianica or a Suzuki M37C Melodion. I have not played a Superforce 37, only a Hohner Performer 37. But generally speaking, among current melodicas the Suzuki metal tray and Yamaha melodicas are of better quality construction than Hohners. I’ve worked on a lot of these ins…[Read more]

    • Monalia,

      Could you describe the problem in more detail? Are the notes sticking open when you release them? Are they sticking when you are pushing down on the keys to sound a note? Is the whole keystroke sticky and rough? Or just the initial press?

      If you press all the keys (do a glissando) before playing as Alan suggested, do the keys work okay…[Read more]

  • Yes, Jerry. Not to get political, but “spitefulness” is exactly the right word for U.S. policy toward Cuba. The effects of it are so obvious when one visits Havana, especially in the living conditions and in the infrastructure. Still, everyone who learned that we were Americans was most gracious to us. Lovely people. The Mojitos and Libras are…[Read more]

  • Might have been because it was during Jazz Festival. Don’t get me wrong. We loved it.
    (Although it was a great place to go if you don’t drink… The Cuba Libras and Mojitos were scarce on alcohol. ) 😄
    We loved Cuba. People need to go to understand what US spiteful ness does in the world.

  • The club at EGREM wasn’t at all touristy the three evenings we were there. The club was pretty full, but so far as I could tell, my wife and I were the only tourists there. Well, Americans can’t actually be tourists in Cuba. We were there under the category “Support for the Cuban People.”

  • I visited EGREM last year when we went to the Jazz Festival. Also went to the now physical manifestation of the social Club, at the former rehearsal studio/school for the Cuban National Ballet. Touristy as hell, but a lot of fun and great musicians.

  • I’ve had the CD for years. It’s one of my favorites. I ordered the DVD when I got back from Cuba. Buena Vista Social Club was recorded at EGREM Studios, THE recording studio in Cuba with its main studio at the location we visited. The musicianship of players at the club all three nights was phenomenal. And those people are very friendly!

  • Alan, you are a true ambassador for the melodica. Sounds like you had a great trip. I trust you have seen the Bueno Vista Social Club documentary with Ry Cooder about the music and musicians in Cuba. If not, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. It was captivating.



  • Hi Daren,

    Sounds wonderful. Great tone from you custom melodica. Incredible playing.



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