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  • Melodica-Me posted an update 5 days, 4 hours ago

    The Monsters have been busy kicking it this summer and are ready to get back in the studio and pump out some new You Tube Videos. We will be working on our 10th Monsters of Melodica video and our fifth World Session video. We would love to hear from you on what tune we should record for World Session V. You can leave your suggestion here on…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the Clavietta info.
    What is your opinion of the Hohner piano 27?
    I believe it is an Alto and the Piano 26 is a Soprano.
    I love the shape but not the mini keys,I do not know if I would find the high notes on the 26 too piercing.
    Is the key bed noisy?
    Does it feel and sound more like a toy than an instrument?
    Most sellers on eBay will…[Read more]

    • Hi Mark. Read the reviews in the review section of this website. Five stars. Lowboy Bootay

    • The highest note on the Piano 26 (the gray metal one with the small keys) is C6, which is also the highest note in the keyboard layouts of almost all 32 key melodicas. This is not more piercing or shrill than C6 on other standard melodicas. This Piano 26 also definitely doesn’t sound more like a toy than other melodicas. If anything it has a…[Read more]

  • Does anyone know the difference between the Suzuki pro37v2 and v3 other than the higher price?
    I already have an M37c.
    I know that for some players that is preferred over the Pro 37 at half the cost.
    I also have a chance to buy a Clavietta, The seller even sent me a you tube video of him just
    playing all of the notes up the keyboard.He did not…[Read more]

    • Mark,

      I am one of those who prefer the Suzuki M-37C (or M-32C) over the Pro37v2. I think it has a smoother, somewhat less harsh sound. I doubt from what I have seen and read that the v3 is substantially different from the v2.

      It is very hard to get (or to refurbish) a Clavietta that does not leak so much that it is actually playable. I have…[Read more]

    • Mark, like Alan states, many leak as all Clavietta leak slightly, this does not make them un-playable. I have purchased several that leak about the same “slightly” and many that leak to the point where you can not hear a note. There are four key areas that I look for and it is usually one or two of them. 1) the most common is the washer that have…[Read more]

      • I have the same problem regarding the clanky keys. Fortunately my Clavietta has no leaks, from what I read in the forum, I’m considering myself a lucky guy! I will follow your tips and fix this problem myself, Melodica me. Am I not in danger of causing any leaking by doing this procedure of changing the key felts?

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  • Cool, what kind of work does it need?
    Hopefully we can get our Clavietta’s working like new

  • Congrats on the new Clavietta. I recently scored one on ShopGoodwill that needs some work.

  • Hi
    New La Clavietta owner here !!
    My vintage Clavietta arrived with several issues. The main body had the corners around the mouth piece broken, must have had a good fall. I decided to do a complete restoration and have removed all the keys. I have epoxied the body corners back on. I will be replacing all gaskets and hopefully fix the air leaks.…[Read more]

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