10 Ways to be a Pro Melodica Player

10 Ways to be a Pro Melodica Player


So, you’ve been playing for a while now, and you’re comfortable with the basics. Here’s some tips for taking your playing up to the next level


No. 1

Use the mouthpiece rather than the hose. Keeping the mouth as close as possible to the instrument allows for more control and expression


No. 2

Relaxation is the foundation of good technique. Too much tension will result in a harsh tone and awkward playing style


No. 3

Practice slowly. Practising accurately at a snails pace is the fastest route to becoming a virtuoso player


No. 4

Practice long notes. Start softly and bring up the volume, before gently tapering off at the end of the breath


No. 5

Use vibrato for musicality. Emulate the beauty of a singers voice by learning the difference between throat and stomach vibrato


No. 6

Listen to your favourite players. You can learn from listening to all instruments, and working out exactly how they get their sound


No. 7

Learn to bend notes for extra expression. While playing a note, slowly let the key up, while simultaneously blowing harder


No. 8

Copy tonguing techniques from wind players. Start with making the sounds, te-ke-te-ke, while playing one note


No. 9

Master circular breathing. It takes patience to learn, but the benefits of not having to take a breath are manifold

No. 10

Good playing requires a professional standard instrument. Quality melodicas such as the Yamaha P37D and Suzuki M-37C are inexpensive options


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    Thanks, lots of good advice I did not think about 🙂 Thanks

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    Thx for your advices ! i hope one day play as well as you ^^

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